The Mission

Mos-Hi records was founded in 2003 by Sum (aka Sumone) and Jahba in the midst of the North-American Ragga-Jungle revival and was one of the period's most celebrated labels.

Sum (left) and Jahba (right)
Sum (left) and Jahba (right)

They launched the label with a tune each of their own in 2003. Sumone's "Reckless" and Jahba's "Dem Nah Clash" were featured on the inaugural 12".

They then decided to use the label as a venue to spotlight new talent.



In the following years they would release 2 4-track vinyl E.P.'s on the label as well as Jahba's full-length "Pabst Blue Riddim" album on CD. Both E.P.'s sold out immediately through distributors and topped the sales charts for online stores.

The Mos-Hi releases are still some of the most sought out and cherished releases of the period and genre.


Now some 15 years after their launch Mos-Hi is returning with a schedule of both physical and digital releases.

We are humbled and grateful beyond word for the decade and a half of support and hope that our contribution can help grow this worldwide jungle movement that we all love so much.